Mold-Tek has a very diverse portfolio and has worked on a wide variety of projects requiring a myriad of skills in many areas. The largest volume of our business has progressed from hand drawing to computer-based technology due to advancements in Auto Cad, SDS/2 and Tekla capabilities. We have created strong working relationships with our clients over the years through meeting their needs and producing high quality deliverables. Most of our detailers and checkers are NISD certified.

Customer Satisfaction

No matter what your shop requires, Mold-Tek has the experience and technology to provide it. We can produce CNC files, reports or other data for your equipment and software. We have the ability to give you what you need.

Why Us

  Cost and Time saving
  Low turnaround time
  Fix Team Model
  Dedicated Project team.
  Error free & high quality output

On Time Delivery

We take the schedule for every project seriously and ensure timely delivery. Our regular interaction with client ensures the deliverables are met on time. We use the same project team to follow client approval comments to make sure quality and quick turnaround of shop drawings.

Fixed Teams

We retain and make available the services of the same project team, so that client expectations are met and consistency is greatly improved.

Project Management

We follow standard project management rules such as weekly reports, conference calls, Skype screen sharing, RFI’s, follow-up and document control for smooth delivery of the project.

We have experience in detailing steel conventional structures and high rise building using Auto Cad, SDS/2 and Tekla Structures. Our conventional division has executed more than 30,000 MT for different structural engineering assignments in the past one year itself.

Industrial Segment

Petroleum Refinery Structures such as Pipe Rack Supporting, Pipe Bridges, Compressor Houses, Industrial Operation Floors etc.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Structures such as Schools, Shopping malls, Offices, Hospital Structures having features like Tube Steel Columns, Embeds on Walls, joists, Trusses etc.

High rise buildings

for Commercial and Industrial usage having features like: W-Columns, Moment Frames with Miscellaneous Steel.

Experienced 3D-Modelers

  Experienced 3D-Modelers
  Proficiency In SDS/2 and Tekla structures
  Parametric Programming using python for SDS/2
  Macro Generations and Custom components for Tekla Structures

We Provide Services to

  General Contractors
  Fabricators and Erectors
  Steel Detailing Companies

Our Outputs

  Advance Bill of material
  Connection Designs
  Embed Plans
  Plan for approval
  Erection Drawings
  Shop Fabrication Drawings
  Bill of material
  CNC Files in Various formats

Connection Design Services

Mold-Tek provides professional engineer stamped connection design and calculations for multiple types of steel connections like column and beam splice, column base and cap plate, beam-beam connection, beam-column connection, horizontal and vertical brace connection, which completely fulfill the customer's specifications of loads, materials and geometry. The loads can be shear, axial tension and compression, moment or combined.
We provide structural steel connection design services to Engineering firms, Contractors, Structural steel fabricators.

Stair Cases and Hand Rails

Our team has expertise in miscellaneous steel detailing that includes Stair Cases, Hand Rails and other Miscellaneous Structural Elements.

We have detailed many staircases with different types of stairs, which include Switch Back, Box Stairs, Straight Stairs, Winder Stairs, Scissor Stairs etc.

We detail stairs with different tread pans like Concrete, Granting & Chequered Plate with different landing supporting systems like Hanger Rods, Tube Struts and Shelf Angle.

Decking and Joist Detailing

Mold-Tek has provided detailing services for Various Critical Platforms of Theaters, Museums, Exhibitions and Auditoriums including Decks & Joists, Chequered Plate Floors, Grating Floor Plates etc.

We provide Designing and Detailing services to Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings with simple to high complex features using Precision Plus, AutoCAD and other custom build software. We are well versed in AISC & NISD standard and practices.


  Precision Plus
  Auto CAD and other Custom build Software

We Provide Services to

  Pre-Eng. Metal Buildings
  Design Build / Fabricators of Multi-Stories Steel / Concrete Buildings
  Structural Engineering firms.

Our Outputs

  AB Plans
  Plans for Approval
  Erection Drawings
  Shop Drawings and Shipper List or Bill of material

We provide detailing services to pre-cast concrete structures that have applications in Garages, Workshops, Storage go downs, Commercial structures and Multi-Level Residential buildings.

Our team has vast experience in detailing all types of Pre-cast Concrete structures using Tekla Structures software. We offer a better combination of resources for detailing structures having both steel and pre-cast concrete elements. We can perform detailing jobs in considerably low time frame and at lower costs.

Pre-cast Concrete structure we detail feature the following

  Slab Panels
  Wall panels
  Exterior insulated walls
  Interior load Bearing walls
  Stair shafts
  Elevator shafts

Our outputs for Pre-cast detailing jobs include Fabrication Drawings for

  Roof/Slab panels
  Wall panels
  Erection Drawings
  3D Models for Co-ordination
  Erection Drawings for filed use
  Rebar reports for purpose and bar bending


We provide intelligent 3D models that constitute fully coordinated Architectural, Structural & MEP to a deserved level of development depending on the project needs. Our 3D models will help to effectively process the planning, design, construction and management of buildings.

Our Expertise:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Model Coordination between Architectural, Structural and MEP
  • 2D Drawings and Construction Documentation
  • Family creations for various products used by AEC industry
  • Architectural Walkthroughs & Rendering
  • Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings
  • Intelligent Bill of Quantities
  • Your Back Office

Architectural Modeling:

  2D Sketches to 3D models
  Modelling the entire building envelop with furniture
  Family creation of all the Architectural Elements
  3D rendered Images
  Architectural Walkthroughs

Structural Modeling:

  3D Modeling of all Structural Elements
  Coordinated Structural Elements with all other trades
  Including Architecture & MEP
  Modeling of Reinforcement bars
  Structural Steel Fabricated Drawings

MEP Modeling:

  3D model of all Mechanical Pipes, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Elements
  Coordinate Routing of all MEP services with Architectural & Structural
  Family Creation of FCUs, Values & Lighting Fixtures
  Fire Protection Modeling
  Modeling to a level of development (LOD) of 100 to 500

Construction Documentation

  2D Drawing extraction from an integrated 3D model
  Architectural Plans, Structural Plans, MEP Drawings
  Various Elevations, Detailed Sections
  Life safety plans for fire marshal’s approval & Subsequent Installation Drawings
  Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings
  Reinforcement Bar bending Drawings along with schedules
  Intelligent Bill of Quantities and Material Takeoffs