We have experience in detailing steel conventional structures and high rise building using SDS/2 and Tekla Structures. Conventional Division has executed more than 30,000 MT for different structural engineering assignments in the past one year itself.

Structures that Include:

  In the Industrial Segment for Petroleum Refinery Structures such as Pipe Rack Supporting, Pipe Bridges, Compressor Houses, Industrial Operation Floors etc.
  For Commercial Buildings such as Schools, Shopping malls, Offices, Hospital Structures having features like Tube Steel Columns, Embeds on Walls, joists, Trusses etc.
  High rise buildings for Commercial and Industrial usage having features like: W-Columns, Moment Frames with Miscellaneous Steel Attachments.


  Customized Softwares
  AutoCAD and other custom built software

Our Output Includes

  3-D Modeling
  Detailing Drawings
  Part Drawings
  Assembly Drawings
  Machine Drawings
  Manufacturing Drawings

Today's utilities industry is highly affected by roaring energy prices and deregulation. In this scenario, customers are looking for much better quality, faster service with improved performance and faster access to markets. Earlier transmission and distribution market were comparatively reluctant to change, but today consumers in energy and telecommunication markets are accepting the technological solutions eyeing better performance and improved customer access.

Mold-Tek brings you the unique mix of industry experience and domain knowledge with a potential to overcome design and engineering challenges of transmission and distribution. Our prime focus in the utilities markets is in the area of overhead transmission, Substations and various structures. We extend our design and engineering services from Transmission to Distribution towers and poles.

Our Engineering Strength

  Mold-Tek’s engineering staff consists of a strong team of experienced technical resources in Steel Pole structures with more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry.
  Our projects executed by Engineering staff include the design of all types of transmission structures which includes Single/Double Circuit Self Supporting poles, Guyed Structures, Tap structures, Switch Structures, H-Frames , A-Frames and also design check for upgrading existing ones
  We are actively engaged in the development and assessment of the most advanced tool for design of transmission structures and use the latest technological tools, such as PLS POLE,PLS Tower and Solid Works & AutoCAD, to complement our engineering skills.
  We emphasize on flexibility in our service offerings and manage entire projects or provide specialized assistance to your staff

We have a strong substation structure design and engineering team having excellent track record in executing various projects across the globe. Our engineering team has the capacity to develop custom solutions for any complex requirements. Our substation offerings provide best structural performance, low cost and better aesthetical solutions.

Structural Engineering - Substation Structures:

  Structural Design & Calculations
  Structure Design Drawings
  Structure Field Erection Drawings
  Structure Shop Detail Drawings
  Anchor Bolt Plan Drawings

Our engineering support structures are designed to meet diverse requirements of our customers. From roadways to traffic structures,area and residential lighting to wireless communication towers, we provide complete design and detailed engineering solutions to such requirements.

We provide design and engineering support for the following structures:

Traffic Roadways Structures

Traffic structures are the most common structures that support the infrastructure of any country in their highway system. Traffic structures’ key role is to support highway devices and make an efficient and effective transportation system.

Mold-Tek specializes in all types of traffic structures such as Multi-Post breakaway, Triangular Base Breakaway, Sign Support, Truss type Sign Bridge, Mono tube cantilever support, Mast Arm poles, Wire Span structures.

Our Traffic Engineering services include design of structures. We provide Fatigue Analysis as per AASHTO 2009 and Detailing services.

High Mast Structures

To illuminate large areas like road junctions, flyovers, car parking and airports, high mast lighting offers economical and operational benefit over conventional methods of lighting.

Stadium Mast

Stadium mast serves as a special category of high mast with fixed type head frame and capable of supporting more number of luminaries. They are used in small areas such as cricket stadium, football stadium and race course, where a high concentration of light is required.

Residential & decorative Poles

Tubular Poles are most popular in conventional method of lighting, which are ideal for street lighting, parks, public and residential areas. With a large variety of decorative arm pattern, they provide aesthetic blend to surrounding.

Miscellaneous Structures

Tubular steel structures are also used to support Signage Panel, CCTV Camera, and Signaling Lamps in Sea Ports.

Mold-Tek has gathered some best engineers from lighting industry under one roof. We understand structural and operational requirement of tubular structures and are aware of design standards applied on lighting poles across the globe. This enables us to provide the best design and detailing solution to our client, which suits to their manufacturing capability.


Our design and engineering team serve global clients by using latest technologies and tools and deliver excellent engineering solutions to customers. We provide dedicated resources to each client for every project. With our onsite-offshore model, we execute complex projects efficiently and focus to retain the trust of customer during and after the project delivery.

We have classified the Energy, Oil & Gas Power vertical into the following sectors:

Mold-Tek design & engineering solutions caters to clients globally in Offshore & Onshore Facilities such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Fertilizers, Renewable energy, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Our engineering expertise in Energy, Oil & Gas and Power sector extends to various engineering disciplines such as:

  Mechanical Static equipment
  Civil & Structural


We provide design & engineering solutions for Subsea/Oilfield services equipment like pipelines, manifolds, umbilical and risers (drilling and production services) Broadly, we specialize in Design support and Detailed Designing.

Design Support:

  3D Modelling
  2D drafting
  Assembly drawings and BOM
  As built drawings
  Reverse engineering
  Legacy conversion

Detailed Design:

In detailed design, we provide solutions for 3D modeling of primary structural members along with miscellaneous structures like wind walls, hand rails, ladders and connection design of members. We also provide support for bill of materials, Piece Marks, Fabrication and Erection Drawings. We follow the standard approaches of API RP2A, AISC, ASCE & DNV.



Mold-Tek provides excellent value and design flexibility to any tower structures with variety of components to meet today's reliable telecom tower structures. We have a strong team to design telecom tower structures for any complex level requirements.


We provide economical solutions for any monopole design requirements. Such poles can be custom designed from single to multi-user configurations with multiple finishing to meet zoning and aesthetic requirements.

Stealth Solutions

The need for aesthetic quality is largely underdeveloped in today’s world, and this has led to many people doubting the prevalence of aesthetic qualities in structures. We at Mold-Tek have mastered this art to such an extent where people travel across the globe to witness and appreciate these marvelous structures which are telecom steel poles.

Our Stealth solutions include Cell Pine Trees, Palm Trees, Broad leaves, Flag Poles and Saguaro Cactus.

We are actively engaged in development and assessment of most advanced telecom structures and use the latest technological tools, such as PLS POLE,PLS Tower, Solid Works and AutoCAD, to complement our engineering skills. We are also experts with tools like RISA Tower, designed specifically for the telecommunications industry. RISA Tower automates much of the tower analysis and design required by the TIA/EIA 222 Standard. The software analyzes and designs towers using the TIA-222-G Standard or any of the previous TIA/EIA Standards back to RS-222 (1959). Steel design is checked using the AISC ASD 9th Edition or the AISC LRFD Specifications.


In automotive sector, Mold-Tek offers end to end manufacturing engineering solutions in concept design, detailing, simulation and documentation services for BIW fixtures tooling, Interiors, Seating and other automotive plastics components. Our team of engineers is well versed in high end design software like CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor, PDMS, Plant 3D & AutoCAD along with ROBCAD and Process Simulate expertise.

Our team of engineers is well versed in high end design software like CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor, PDMS, Plant 3D & AutoCAD along with ROBCAD and Process Simulate expertise.

Concept Design
3D Finish & Modeling
2D Detailing & Layout