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We use SDS/2 & TEKLA tools to generate precise models. SDS/2 has ability to Design auto connections when needed. SDS/2 gives our teams the opportunity to continue modeling & Detailing a through typical connections without waiting on connection design from our customers.
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Misc. Steel

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Use of multiple tools like SDS/2, AUTOCAD & Advanced Steel. We produce accurate details with faster lead times. Our Misc. Detailing teams are well versed in all standards & Building codes.
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We provide end-to-end solutions for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. Our expertise extends throughout a project cycle — offering Design & Detailing Services.
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We provide detailing services to pre-cast concrete structures that have applications in Garages, Workshops, Storage go downs, Commercial structures and Multi-Level Residential buildings.
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Detailing You Can Trust

  • 800+ Modelers, Detailers, Checkers & Project Managers generating 1M + Tons.
  • Offering both Structural & Misc. Steel Detailing, Pre-Eng. Metal Blgs. & Pallet Racks.
  • In-House group of engineers on Connection Design & Delegated Design.
  • Client Co-ordinators and Professional Eng. across 4 offices in THE USA.
  • ISO Certified Processes, Quality Assurance Systems & Procedures.
  • Competitive Pricing, NISD Certified Project Managers, Effective Communication, RFI Management.
  • Acquisition of 2 USA-based detailing companies (RMM GLOBAL & CROSS ROADS) to ensure 24X7 availability & technical coordination to our clients.
  • Custom built fabrication standards based on past projects, PM interactions, weekly client feedback meets and shop visits.





1M + Tons

Steel Projects


Detailers & Designers

Our Customers Say

We began working with Moldtek mid-year 2017. The first project was a very complicated 2400 ton building that only has 3 straight walls in the 5 story structure. Moldtek took the challenge and exceeded all expectations set forth in the contract. Moldtek was available during our business hours to assist us with coordination and conference calls. Moldtek is a true business partner as they truly align with our core values. We have completed several projects with Moldtek at this time with minimal if any detailing issue. We have also had ZERO field issues resulting in back charges due to detailing. We cannot wait to see what the future brings with this new partner.


Project Services Manager

This project was crucial to keeping our shop busy for 3 to 4 months’ and Mold-Tek certainly understood the importance and urgency of this. They either met or beat deadlines all while maintaining high quality and good worksmanship. I will certainly be requesting them to work on all our future projects.


Project Manager

The best thing about Mold-Tek is that they respond to all enquiries via email as soon as they’re sent. Greatly appreciate the prompt response and the 24X7 support offered.


Project Manager

The prints they supply are top quality, easy to interpret and complete. Their team works hard to please the shop and help the job go smoothly. Mold-Tek is not only ISO certified, some members of their team hold individual NISD certification; they have a great understanding of what Quality means.


Quality Assurance

We have approximately 10 projects that have either been completed or are in the process of being Detailed. The erection of the projects that have been completed has gone well with the exception of only a few minute issues.


Vice President

Great to see all the strong effort put in today. Please thank your team for staying back late today and getting this package out.

Tino Dos Santos

Project Manager

Thanks Madhu for all of your teams effort.

Justin Noorda

Project Manager

I want to take a minute to thank you and your team for the work that you have done on SOJO. The building has been erecting well and we appreciate all of your hard efforts. I have some pictures of the jobsite. Happy Holidays!

Darren Weber

Project Manager

We’ve gone through these 8 sequences of shop drawings. Kudos to your DETAILER’S. We have comments on 13 sheets. Usually we have a lot more on a set this size. Your detailer did a good job.

Adam W. Boyette


Good Job Mold Tek Team! Your thorough review and explanation appear to be accurate and has questioned the field team whether the direction they were headed with window layout and elevation is correct or not. We are reviewing this with the design team. This may have saved multiple contractors time and money thanks to your efforts.

Ryan Warrick

Project Manager

I would like to also say thank you for a good job on a tough job with challenging conditions.

Chris Hartigan

Detailing Manager

This has been a frustrating project for all of us at times with the design issues and delayed responses, but Britt and I want to let you know we appreciate your team’s help in working through these issues and keeping our customer happy. I assure you that your hard work does not go unnoticed.

John Cain

Engineering Manager

Quality & Capacity

ISO certified Processes to ensure consistency 3 Level Quality Checking- Self Checklists, Checkers & PE review. Regularly updated detailing standards circulated to teams.


PM's to work in your time zones. Ramp up and down of resources at a short notice. Project Managers shop visits to understand our customers Standards & Machinery Limitations.

Information Flow

RFI's review by Project Managers, Change Control Management, Weekly Reporting - Project Status.